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Comfort Zone Mission Statement

Comfort Zone is a peer driven drop-in center dedicated to providing residents of Washington County living with a mental illness, a safe place to socialize, build community and pursue personal growth and self-acceptance..

History of Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone began more than twenty-five years ago with two people receiving services at the same mental health agency in Washington County, deciding to get together to do things in the community because it was easier to get out of the house when you had a buddy to do it with. Soon these two decided to invite other people they knew who lived with mental health challenges to join them on outings. Before long there were enough people participating in the social outings these two individuals began that they decided to hold their first official event. This first event was a dance, held in the basement of a local church, with a donated cake as the only refreshment. Comfort Zone (Washington County Consumer Council is the legal name of our organization and we will have discussions on updating this name at a later time) organized and hired members to cook, serve meals and facilitate activities after the meals. For many years the only way Comfort Zone was able to operate was due to the kindness of our community partners who allowed us to use space at their facilities to hold our drop-ins. In 2006 Comfort Zone found a permanent home of its own in the Carnation Building in Hillsboro. Comfort Zone now has four drop-ins a week and serves a healthy, nutritious meal each day that we are open. Please see our current calendar to find out what we are up to each month.

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