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Addisen Johnsen EAGLE PROJECT Addisen Johnsen
M--mental      I--illness     A--awareness
Walk / Run
Michael Bleak a fellow Eagle Scout and friend, suffered from anxiety, panic and depression.  He took his own life at the age of 22.  The statisstics show that one in four adults in the United States experience a mental health disorder in a given year.  These people are often misunderstood and made to feel less than.
The purpose of this event is three fold:  1.  Increase community's awareness to the many facets of mental illsness and the treatments available.  2.  Donate items to "The ComfortZone" in Hillsboro, which provides services to those struggling with mental illness.  3.  Be reminded to judge less and love more as we gain additional understanding for those whose lives are affected by mental illness.
Date: August 20, 2011

Time: 9:00 AM
Location:  The Wildwood trail in Washington Park, Portland Or.  Meet on the rock patio at the entrance to the Vietnam Memorial

Parking: Limited free parking available.  Paid parking available for $2.00 per vehicle in Zoo parking lot.  If driving take the zoo exit off highway 26 or ride MAX to theunderground Washington Park Station and take the elevator up.

Who: All ages

Course:  Easy 3.6-mile loop 500ft elevation gain.  Do entire loop or a portion.

Bring for Donation:  1. New / slighly used shoes-sizes 6-13.  2.  New underwear, socks and shirts-all sizes.  3.  New / Used Levi items-all sizes.  4.  Cash to purchase these items.

Take hom free literature, provided by
NAMI ( National alliance on Mental Illness), LDS Family services and disabilities.lds.org.

Mother Theresa said,
"If you judge people you have less time to lovet hem."  By acquiring more awareness of Mental Illness and its many facets, we can judge less and accept more.
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